Everyone likes to think about traveling, but not everyone likes to think about planning a trip. I happen to love it. After years of traveling extensively for my career in the real world, thinking about the details of a pleasure trip and turning those details into plans comes pretty naturally to me. I realize it doesn’t for everyone, so that’s where I hope I can help.

Whenever my husband and I share stories of our travels, we hear the same refrain: “I wouldn’t know where to begin to plan a trip like this!” I take that as a compliment, but over the years I’ve also started to think of it as a challenge. What if I could figure out a way to share my approach, not as a “my way or the highway” edict but as a starting point to help find ideas and a planning style that works? Everyone is different and nothing needs to be set in stone (although there are a few lessons I’ve learned over the years that have become sort of “Travel Commandments” for me. I will share them as we move along our way in this journey.)

While it’s true that I’m the one who likes to get in the weeds and do the research necessary to work out a reasonable agenda, my husband has a role that is equally important. He typically comes up with the main idea or destination, and I like to do what I can to turn that idea into a great memory. He’s a willing partner as I find movies, television shows, YouTube videos, and all sorts of magazine articles or websites to start to learn enough about a place to fill out an itinerary.

The possibilities for great vacations and adventures are endless. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to plan an experience that fits your schedule, budget, physical ability and/or any other logistical complication you might have been using as an excuse to put off travel. It just takes a little forethought and planning. I hope I can help!

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