About Me

Hi There!

I’m Kelly, and my favorite travel partner is my husband, Dave. Before we met, each of us had always loved to travel. When we started getting serious about each other, we knew that the ultimate test would be whether or not we were compatible travelers, so we gave it a try. Bingo! We were and still are.


Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun and have made treasured memories on our trips together. We have shared a lot of photos and stories about our travels with our friends and family on social media with enthusiastic responses. Trip Hatchery is a result of that feedback. I was asked many times about how I planned our trips and if I could help others plan theirs. I wanted to share information in a more organized way, and give some insight as to how our trips are hatched, incubated, and finally take flight. It definitely doesn’t happen by accident.

I Am A Certified
Travel Advisor

I am happy to announce that I have completed the training required to be a Certified Travel Advisor with Fora Travel! This affiliation allows me to access all of the professional resources and tools of a traditional travel agency, and I am part of a global network of travel advisors like myself who can offer on-the-ground insights to hotels, restaurants, travel logistics, etc all over the world. I would love to help you plan your next travel adventure, or just answer questions you might have about the process of planning a trip. For now, this is a hobby for me like it always has been, but now I have access to all the perks and promotions that big agencies can offer at no additional cost to you.


I hope you like what you see and read here and are inspired to let me help you to make your own travel memories, whether around the world or around your neighborhood!

Discover The Possibilities

Whether you are actively thinking about your next vacation, or you want to experience some places vicariously before you decide to make a plan, Trip Hatchery will be your best travel companion.