How it works

Connect With Me

Tell me more about what you envision for your upcoming journey, whether it’s hiking in the Swiss Alps or exploring the vibrant streets of Tokyo. Submit the inquiry form, and I’ll reach out to you! I’ll schedule a brief call to get to know you better and gather information about your trip.

Plan An Itinerary

After signing a client agreement and submitting the initial planning fee deposit, I will create a tailored itinerary based on our conversation and the information you have shared. You can anticipate receiving an itinerary that features a wealth of ideas, inspiration, and exclusive insider tips. This part can be as collaborative as you want – we can work together, or you can leave it to me!

Bon Voyage!

Upon the agreed date, you’ll receive your travel document binder, which will include a comprehensive digital itinerary so that every detail, reservation, and map can also be available any time, anywhere, at the tip of your fingers on your phone. Any final payment will be due upon receiving the final itinerary. You can also ask questions after reviewing it, of course any additions or changes can be made upon request. Then get ready to travel! 

Discover The Possibilities

Whether you are actively thinking about your next vacation, or you want to experience some places vicariously before you decide to make a plan, Trip Hatchery will be your best travel companion.